Evo CO2 with V-lift

With the use of innovative probe technology, Evo CO2 with V-lift works to stimulate contraction and collagen on the inside and outside of the vagina. By improving cell secretory functions, vaginal pH, and microcirculation of the vaginal mucosa, this technology can help to improve a patient's sexual health and tighten the vaginal area. With the state-of-the-art, 360-rotating arm, both the inner and outer vagina can be treated to improve both appearance and overall health.

The Evo CO2 laser utilizes fractional ablative technology to treat the desired areas while leaving surrounded areas unaffected. For rejuvenation of the vulva, Evo CO2 is provided within the vaginal tissues. Additionally, the laser treatment promotes new cell production and microcirculation of the skin. Without the need for a surgical procedure or extensive downtime, laser vaginal rejuvenation with Evo CO2 can allow for restorative results at Body Werks Chicago.