What Should I Bring to My Vaginal Steaming Treatment?

Our Team | 01/30/2023

Learn about the history of vaginal steam treatments and how they can benefit your reproductive health.


Can BeautiFill™ Results Last Longer than Dermal Fillers?

Our Team | 12/31/2022

Compare the longevity of dermal fillers vs. BeautiFill to find out which treatment may be most fitting for you.


Is it Safe to Get a Vajacial Right After Shaving?

Our Team | 11/22/2022

Learn how a vajacial treatment after shaving can remove ingrown hairs, smooth away razor burns and promote vaginal health.


How Soon Can I Notice Results After Nonsurgical Body Contouring Treatment?

Our Team | 10/29/2022

Learn how long it will take to enjoy the results of nonsurgical body contouring and the many benefits of the cosmetic treatment.


Will My Cellulite Come Back After Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

Our Team | 09/25/2022

Cellulite reduction treatments can help get rid of fat, rebuild collagen, and smooth out dimpled skin. Learn more about how long results last.


What Age-Related Issues Can be Improved With Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Our Team | 08/28/2022

Improve your vaginal health and overall function with nonsurgical laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments.


Is it Safe to Sugar Wax the Bikini Area?

Our Team | 07/23/2022

Sugar waxing (or sugaring) can be done in the pubic region, leaving you with smoother, less irritated skin than regular waxing procedures.


Not Quite Ready for a Surgical Facelift? Consider Alternative Options

Our Team | 06/21/2022

Facelift surgery isn’t the only way to turn back the clock on aging. Consider these nonsurgical facial rejuvenation solutions in the meantime.


How Safe is Vaginal Steaming?

Our Team | 05/19/2022

Issues with hemorrhoids and menstrual cramps can impact your quality of life. Learn the safe and effective process of vaginal steaming at our clinic.


Will Vajacial Treatments Get Rid of My Razor Bumps?

Our Team | 04/28/2022

Razor bumps in the bikini area can cause unwanted skin irritation. Learn how our cutting-edge vajacial works to achieve healthy skin.


How Soon After Weight Loss Can I Get Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

Our Team | 03/28/2022

Nonsurgical body contouring can address loose skin and small fat pockets after weight loss. Learn how this procedure creates contoured results here.


Four Reasons You Should Consider Vaginal Rejuvenation

Our Team | 01/22/2022

Consider these four life-changing benefits of vaginal rejuvenation when deciding if this nonsurgical procedure may be right for you.


Will Body Hair Grow Back Quicker After Sugar Waxing?

Our Team | 12/31/2021

Discover the benefits of sugar waxing hair removal, including how it may help your hair grow back finer, thinner, and – most important – slower.


Will Nonsurgical Body Contouring Reshape My Waist?

Our Team | 11/21/2021

Looking to get a snatched waist without invasive surgery? You may be a candidate for nonsurgical body contouring.


Who Makes A Good Candidate For Vaginal Steaming?

Our Team | 10/28/2021

A closer look at the benefits of vaginal steaming, and helpful information on whether this age-old practice may be right for you.


Where On The Body Can Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Be Performed?

Our Team | 09/23/2021

What is nonsurgical skin tightening, how does it work, and where can it be used? Get all the answers here.


Will A Vajacial Even Out Skin Tone In The Bikini Area?

Our Team | 08/27/2021

Are you embarrassed about dark spots or hyperpigmentation along your bikini line? Learn more about the benefits of a vajacial for skin tone and more.


How Do Women Benefit From Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Our Team | 07/15/2021

What is the purpose of laser vaginal rejuvenation, how does it work, and what results can you expect after treatment? Find all the answers here.


Is Sugaring Less Painful Than Waxing?

Our Team | 05/13/2021

Are you curious about the benefits of sugaring vs. waxing? For starters, it may be a much more comfortable hair removal option! Learn more here.


Seven Areas of the Body Improved With Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Our Team | 04/22/2021

Nonsurigcal body contouring can treat stubborn fat and reshape your body. Learn about the different areas we treat with a comprehensive consultation.


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