Can BeautiFill™ Results Last Longer than Dermal Fillers?

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Injectable dermal fillers, like JUVÉDERM®, are popular among men and women of virtually all ages and can certainly help to enhance features across the face and body. One downside of dermal fillers, however, is that they need to be reinjected at regular intervals for a consistent look. For patients hoping to cut a step out of their aesthetic maintenance routine, BeautiFill offers an exciting solution. At Body Werks Chicago, our certified team of providers performs BeautiFill laser liposuction plus fat transfer to help Chicago, IL patients get the natural, long-lasting results they desire. Curious about how much longer BeautiFill results last compared with filler injections? Find the answer below.

What is BeautiFill?

The BeautiFill system is designed as a minimally invasive body contouring solution that removes fat from one area of the body – like the abdomen or upper arms – and transfers it to another location to create natural-looking and feeling enhancements.

What to expect during BeautiFill treatment

Laser lipo plus fat transfer using the BeautiFill system can be performed without general anesthesia and can often be completed in under an hour. The treatment area(s) will be numbed using a local anesthetic, and patients will simply lie back and relax during the procedure. To begin, a small incision is made to allow the BeautiFill wand to be inserted beneath the skin. Laser energy helps to dislodge the fat cells, making them easier to remove and minimizing post-treatment bruising, swelling, and recovery time. The BeautiFill technology then purifies and prepares the fat cells in a single, efficient step, and the provider will inject the fat into the desired location – almost instantly enhancing the targeted features.

Does BeautiFill last longer than fillers?

On average, most filler products begin to break down after about 12 months, at which time the patient will need to have fillers reinjected to restore their desired look. BeautiFill, on the other hand, can provide many years' or even decades’ worth of results. The longevity of BeautiFill results can vary, however, based on the patient’s lifestyle, overall health, weight, and other factors. One critical step in maintaining your BeautiFill results for as long as possible is to avoid weight fluctuation. With weight gain after BeautiFill, the transferred fat cells can swell, which will impact the patient’s cosmetic outcome. Furthermore, fat cells remaining in the area where liposuction was performed can also become enlarged. Weight loss after a BeautiFill treatment can also adversely affect a patient’s results, shrinking fat cells in the areas that were enhanced.

How can I maintain my BeautiFill results for as long as possible?

To preserve your newly enhanced look after BeautiFill laser lipo plus fat transfer treatment, use the following tips:

  • Follow your post-treatment and recovery instructions closely
  • Maintain a stable weight
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly and consistently
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle habits overall
  • Do not smoke

Wish there were a more lasting solution than fillers? Consider BeautiFill in Chicago, IL

If you’re tired of keeping up with the constant maintenance of filler injections, you may be excited to learn more about the long-lasting results that are possible with laser lipo plus fat transfer in Chicago, IL. Get the process started today by calling Body Werks Chicago to schedule your BeautiFill consultation with one of our knowledge providers and be one step closer to your aesthetic goals.

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