How Safe is Vaginal Steaming?

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Vaginal steaming is a process that cleanses the vagina so you can feel more comfortable and confident about your feminine health. Proponents believe that this process is not only safe but improves issues related to menstrual cramps, childbirth, hemorrhoids, and even pelvic floor disorders.

It is important to understand the details of vaginal steaming before moving forward with this unique treatment in Chicago, IL. Below, our specialists at Body Werks Chicago explore the safety of vaginal steaming and what you need to know before your first session.

Why do you need vaginal steaming?

Menstruation, sexual intercourse, childbirth, hormone fluctuations, hemorrhoids, and pelvic floor problems can all take a toll on the health of your vagina. Women often report feeling unclean or uncomfortable after these events, no matter how well they take care of their bodies. Instead of living with this discomfort, women can take control of their vaginal health by undergoing regular steaming.

Body Werks Chicago may suggest vaginal steaming for the following benefits:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Relieve menstrual cramps

  • Improve symptoms of pelvic floor disorder

  • Recover from childbirth

  • Manage hemorrhoid symptoms

What happens during vaginal steaming?

Body Werks Chicago only recommends vaginal steaming to qualified candidates to ensure their safety and comfort. We start by performing a quick physical exam and reviewing your medical history. Our team answers any questions as they come up and provides detailed instructions about preparing for your first session in Chicago, IL.

Vaginal steaming begins with a warm bath with a mixture of natural herbs like chamomile, wormwood, basil, or oregano. These herbs are chosen based on your individual symptoms and needs. Patients sit over the bath, so the steam reaches the vaginal area. The temperature and duration of the steam bath are carefully controlled to avoid any discomfort.

How do you make vaginal steaming safe?

Vaginal steaming can safely improve your feminine health, but only when performed by professionals. Our team at Body Werks Chicago has the experience and training necessary to provide this unique service with your comfort and safety in mind. Vaginal steaming should never be attempted at home or by an unqualified person.

Patients should also know that vaginal steaming is not recommended for everyone. Pregnant women, women with an active vaginal infection, or those who have had recent gynecologic surgery should avoid treatment at this time.

What about other vaginal treatments?

Women sometimes turn to prescription drugs or vaginal surgery to improve feminine health and symptoms related to hemorrhoids or pelvic floor disorders. While these methods are effective, they come with a host of risks and side effects. Vaginal steaming can restore your natural comfort and confidence without risk.

Best of all, vaginal steaming does not require any time away from work. Treatment can be performed in the comfort of our office, and you can return to normal activities right away. Benefits can be seen after just one steaming session, but we recommend a series of sessions for optimal results.

Safe and effective vaginal steaming

Hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps, and pelvic floor disorders can make everyday life and activities uncomfortable. If you have any of the above issues and want to know about vaginal steaming, call Body Werks Chicago to set up a consultation. Our Chicago, IL specialists create personalized treatment plans that meet your needs without invasive surgery or downtime.

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