Is it Safe to Get a Vajacial Right After Shaving?

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Vajacial treatment after shaving helps get rid of painful ingrown hairs and the unsightly rash (razor burn ) that often occurs following the hair removal process. You should wait about seven days after you shave before undergoing a vajacial. The intimate treatment lets you take control of the health of your intimate area to maintain appearance and function by avoiding uncomfortable and embarrassing irritation.

Our team at one of the South Loop’s hottest sugar wax bars, Body Werks Chicago in Chicago, IL, will listen to and address your concerns in a discreet fashion. They always strive to provide a positive experience during the consultation and vajacial treatment.

Benefits of vajacial treatments

Shaving, waxing, depilatory lotions and creams, and other hair removal methods all contribute to irritation of a woman’s intimate area as they strive to achieve a hair-free look.

The benefits of vajacial include:

  • Reduces irritation

  • Removes unsightly redness

  • Performed in an intimate, spa-like setting

  • Uses all-natural ingredients

If you are wondering if vajacial treatments are right for you, we encourage you to meet with our team at Body Werks Chicago in Chicago, IL. Our team will answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the treatments. Vajacial can effectively address a wide array of concerns, such as ingrown hairs, rash, irritation, and scarring. You can achieve optimum intimate health after undergoing the treatment. With vajacial treatments, you can maintain your intimate health for long-lasting results.

All about vajacial treatments

Prior to undergoing vajacial treatment, let our team know if you have any health problems, such as open wounds or lesions, or other problems in the area. In order to prep for the treatment, you should gently exfoliate the area to remove any dead skin cells and to help soften any ingrown hairs.

Our team performs vajacial treatments in the spa-like setting at Body Werks Chicago in Chicago, IL. The entire treatment takes around an hour. The team will cleanse and exfoliate the intimate area. They will also apply a soothing mask and focus on spot treating any areas of irritation.

During the treatment session, they will moisturize the skin on your vulva using aloe vera vajacial or cabbage vajacial. You can choose which organic, natural moisturizer you feel fits your needs. The entire treatment is carried out with you lying comfortably in a private treatment room. Patients do not find vajacial treatments painful.

After vajacial treatment, you can return to your everyday schedule without missing a beat.

Our team will determine how many vajacial treatments you should undergo. Usually, three vajacial treatments are suggested with regular follow-up treatments to maintain results.

The vajacial treatment is an innovative way for a woman to maintain the health of her most intimate area. The treatments also help improve the appearance of the area by preventing acne, smoothing away ingrown hairs, and removing bumps. The process cleans, exfoliates, and soothes the region.

Schedule a vajacial treatment consultation in Chicago, IL

We invite you to schedule a consultation with our team at Body Werks Chicago in Chicago, IL to discuss the innovative vajacial treatment. Learn how it can help improve the appearance of your skin after shaving and maintain the health of your vaginal area.

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