Is Sugaring Less Painful Than Waxing?

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With summer just around the corner, you may be looking to step up your self-care routine and get smooth, sexy skin you can show off confidently. If you’re like most people, hair removal plays a key role in feeling good about your skin, though it’s probably something you dread! For men and women looking for a less painful, more natural alternative to waxing, hair removal creams, and other treatments, sugaring may be a fitting solution. The expert team at Body Werks Chicago is proud to offer sugaring in Chicago, IL to help patients look and feel their best without the unwanted side effects of waxing. Read on to learn more about hair removal with sugaring, and find out if it may be right for you!

What’s the best hair removing method?

Because each person’s needs and goals are different, there is no “best” method of hair removal for everyone. For some people, convenience is key, while others value a virtually pain-free experience above all else. Some of the most frequently used tools and treatments for hair removal include:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Plucking
  • Depilatory creams
  • Threading
  • Laser hair removal

Another option that has been around for thousands of years and recently caught on as one of the most popular hair removal trends is sugaring.

What is sugaring?

Also known as sugar waxing, sugaring is the process of removing hair with a natural, gentle paste created from sugar, water, and citric acid. Like traditional waxing, sugaring removes the full hair – including the bulb – to achieve longer-lasting results than shaving, creams, and other methods.

What are the benefits of sugaring vs. waxing?

At first glance, waxing and sugar waxing might seem virtually identical, but there are a number of important differences to note. More specifically, sugaring offers several compelling benefits compared with traditional waxing, including:

  • Less discomfort
  • Paste only needs to be heated to body temperature
  • Does not remove healthy skin cells
  • Little to no redness or swelling
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Bacteria cannot grow in sugar paste, minimizing risk of infection or reaction
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh

Unlike traditional wax, sugar wax – which resembles honey – only adheres to hair, dead skin cells, and other debris. When the sugar paste is removed, along with the unwanted hair and dead skin, patients are left with smooth, undamaged skin that is free of redness, itching, and swelling. In addition, sugar paste only needs to be heated to body temperature, giving Chicago patients a safer and often more comfortable experience vs. waxing.

Does sugar waxing hurt?

For the vast majority of patients, sugaring is far less painful than traditional waxing. This is in part due to the sugar paste being heated only to a lukewarm body temperature, as well as the fact that the paste does not stick to the skin itself. While it is not considered a pain-free treatment, most men and women tolerate the mild to moderate discomfort of sugar waxing relatively well without the need for any topical numbing agent.

Enjoy more convenient, more comfortable hair removal with all-natural sugaring in Chicago, IL

If you’re excited about the possibility of smooth, glowing, hair-free skin without the unwanted side effects of waxing, we encourage you to consider sugaring! Call Body Werks Chicago to schedule your private consultation for sugar waxing in Chicago, IL, and take the first step toward getting the skin of your dreams today!

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