Seven Areas of the Body Improved With Nonsurgical Body Contouring

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Do you avoid wearing certain outfits or withdraw from social events because you feel self-conscious about your body? Even small fat pockets can be an embarrassing issue for men and women. When traditional diet and exercise programs cannot slim down areas like the abdomen, love handles, arms, inner thighs, upper thighs, face, and neck, it may be time to consider nonsurgical body contouring in Chicago, IL.

Now you can get one step closer to the figure you’ve always wanted. The professional team at Body Werks Chicago is excited to offer fat reduction through the state-of-the-art Venus Legacy™ Body Aesthetics System. This procedure uses advanced technology to target unwanted fat cells and reshape your body. Call our facility to schedule your first consultation today.

About nonsurgical body contouring

Most people turn to invasive plastic surgery to get rid of fatty tissues. However, newer cutting-edge devices can treat fat with no surgery and far less time in recovery. After a comprehensive review of the latest body contouring procedures on the market, Body Werks Chicago has chosen the Venus Legacy Body Aesthetics System. This system uses a combination of multipolar radiofrequency (RF) and pulsed electromagnetic fields to metabolize fatty acids. Our specialists then remove the excess fat cells to achieve a slimmed-down appearance.

Areas of stubborn fat removal

Nonsurgical body contouring is not right for everyone. During your consultation, our team can review your medical history and cosmetic goals to make sure treatment is safe and effective for you. There are only a few circumstances in which you wouldn’t be a good candidate. For example, patients with an active infection or certain medical conditions may need to explore other options.

Stubborn fat removal at Body Werks Chicago is generally painless and can even target multiple areas in one sitting. As we mentioned, our treatment areas in Chicago include:

  1. Abdomen

  2. Love handles

  3. Arms

  4. Inner thighs

  5. Upper thighs

  6. Face

  7. Neck

Patients also enjoy a short recovery period with little downtime. Minor side effects, such as redness and a feeling of warmth, should dissipate shortly after your appointment. Your slimmer results begin to appear over the following 2 – 6 months. Patients should continue to maintain their slender contours through regular diet and exercise. This should prevent fat pockets from forming in the future.

How long does a session take?

The good news is that nonsurgical body contouring sessions can be performed in about 30 minutes or less. Of course, this depends on the number and size of your treatment areas. The specialists at Body Werks Chicago can let you know how long your appointments will last to reshape your body and achieve the results you want. In fact, many of our patients schedule sessions during their lunch break at work!

Reshape your body

Unwanted fat can really affect your self-esteem and how you see your own body. Stubborn fat removal through the Venus Legacy Body Aesthetics System can get you back on track to your weight loss goals and make you feel more confident. Learn about this treatment and what areas we can treat by scheduling a private consultation in Chicago, IL. Body Werks Chicago is excited to start the process with you.

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