Who Makes A Good Candidate For Vaginal Steaming?

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If you’re like many people, this may be the first time you have ever heard of vaginal steaming. Believe it or not, though, vaginal steaming has been used for thousands of years to boost the health, function, and fertility of women. At Body Werks Chicago, our expert team is proud to offer customized herbal vaginal steaming to help women feel fresh, feminine, and confident while enhancing their reproductive and genitourinary health. Keep reading for more information on the benefits of vaginal steaming, and find out if you may be a candidate for this beneficial and all-natural treatment.

What is vaginal steaming?

Vaginal steaming is exactly what it sounds like: a steam bath for the vagina. However, vaginal steaming does much more than simply steam the outer structures of the vagina. In fact, herbal steaming for the vagina offers a long list of benefits for the entire female reproductive system and urinary tract, including the uterus, vulva, cervix, and more.

How does vaginal steaming work?

During a vaginal steam bath in Chicago, patients will relax in one of our private treatment rooms. Your provider will begin by discussing your specific concerns, answering any questions you may have, and recommending the most appropriate combination of herbs for your needs. Once the steam bath has been prepared, you will sit comfortably over the steam for approximately 30 minutes. After your vaginal steaming session, you can return to your normal daily activities without restriction.

What does vaginal steaming do?

The benefits of vaginal steaming are virtually endless. Countless doctors and patients worldwide continue to use vaginal steaming to boost fertility, improve intimate health, discourage infections, prepare the body for pregnancy/IUI/IVF, and more. Some of the most compelling potential benefits of an herbal vaginal steam bath include:

  • Stimulate healthy blood flow and circulation to vaginal/genitourinary organs and tissues
  • Alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Relieve hemorrhoid symptoms
  • Reduce digestive/GI symptoms
  • Boost fertility
  • Discourage UTIs and yeast infections
  • Relieve cramps, bloating, and other menstrual symptoms
  • Empty the uterus after a period or childbirth
  • Reduce menopause symptoms
  • Enhance vaginal freshness and cleanliness

How often can you do vaginal steaming?

Many patients choose to have regular vaginal steaming about once a month to maintain their health and hygiene over time.

Am I a candidate for vaginal steaming?

Virtually any woman can safely undergo a vaginal steaming treatment. During your initial consultation for vaginal steaming in Chicago, your provider will evaluate your overall health, discuss your concerns, and determine if treatment is right for you. Pregnant women should wait until they have given birth to schedule their vaginal steam bath. Because vaginal steaming uses natural herb blends, there is no risk of a medical or chemical allergy. However, if you are allergic to any herbs or other allergens, make sure to discuss these with your provider prior to treatment.

Feel fresh and feminine with herbal vaginal steaming in Chicago, IL

If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your reproductive or urinary tract health, you may be excited to learn more about the benefits of vaginal steaming. To schedule your private consultation for Chicago, IL vaginal steaming with one of our caring providers, call Body Werks Chicago today!

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