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What Is BeautiFill?

As you advance in age, you will likely experience a gradual decrease in skin firmness or maybe even drooping in some areas of your body. This can cause you to look fatigued and older. To address your cosmetic insecurities, Body Werks Chicago is excited to perform an effective procedure known as laser-assisted lipo and fat transfer utilizing modern BeautiFill technology at our practice in Chicago, IL. This minimally invasive solution releases laser energy under the skin to smoothly extract unwanted adipose tissue from regions that include the hips, legs, and abdomen. The harvested tissue is then re-implanted into targeted body sections to provide radiant, youthful volume. As another option, we can harvest a tissue sample from your body and add volume into the breasts or buttocks for a body sculpting treatment. This effective procedure involves almost no recovery time, making it a suitable choice when compared to traditional fat grafting. To discover more information about how you could benefit from laser-assisted lipo and fat transfer, contact our Chicago, IL office to schedule a visit.

What Can I Expect from My BeautiFill Treatment?

If you've been thinking about liposuction or a fat transfer but the idea of surgery makes you uneasy, laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer at Body Werks Chicago could be the perfect fit for you. If you are at an ideal weight, have sunken or loose areas of skin in the face or body, and would rather make natural enhancements rather than use cosmetic dermal fillers, you could benefit from a BeautiFill treatment. Laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer is a quick procedure done in our Chicago, IL office. To perform this procedure, we use a local anesthetic to keep you relaxed the entire time. We will first sanitize the extraction site, then insert a delicate laser instrument to retrieve high-quality adipose tissue. The fat will be purified and transferred to the selected regions of your body, like the lips, cheeks, breasts, or bottom, to enhance fullness and provide a softened, revitalized result.

BeautiFill FAQ

What's the difference between BeautiFill and other energy-assisted liposuction procedures?

The main difference between BeautiFill and other fat transfer methods is the fat cell collecting process. The targeted technology can collect a quantity of viable fat cells and purify them to be injected into the selected regions. Compared to different procedures, BeautiFill can produce a good amount of viable fat cells and is well-known for its safe, outstanding outcomes.

Am I going to feel pain during my procedure?

Because BeautiFill is carried out under localized anesthesia, most individuals had minimal irritation during their session. You may feel a little discomfort, bruising, and redness after your treatment, though these side effects are entirely common and should subside within only a short while.

Will I need to take time off work or my regular activities?

In general, you can make that call. You may have mild post-treatment bruising or swelling, which can last a short period or longer, depending on the dimensions and extent of the treated areas. But these passing impacts certainly won't prevent you from resuming your day-to-day activities the next day, should you so desire.

Feel Beautiful with BeautiFill

At Body Werks Chicago, we want you to look and feel your best, but we also want to make your experience at our Chicago, IL office as pleasurable as possible. With the help of cutting-edge technology, like BeautiFill, we can provide our patients laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer with little downtime, stunning results, and — most importantly — no surgery. If you've started to notice loose skin in your face or other features of your body, this treatment could help you enhance your look for a more youthful appearance. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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