Heated Body Detox in Chicago, IL

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What is A Heated Body Detox?

At Body Werks Chicago, our team of experienced professionals offers infrared heated body detox treatments that can be beneficial in removing unwanted toxins from the body. Additionally, heated body detox can treat some symptoms of numerous concerns, including aches and pains, arthritis, menstrual pain, and it can be effective in weight loss for certain individuals. Within our Chicago, IL facility, our team can curate a personalized treatment plan that may include heated body detox in order to help you look and feel your best. Learn more by contacting us to schedule an initial appointment today.

What are the Benefits of Heated Body Detox?

Over-the-counter treatments and prescription medications may relieve minor aches and pains, but infrared heated body detox treatments can be more effective in treating the underlying causes of your discomfort. Instead of turning to drugs or invasive procedures, Body Werks Chicago is proud to offer a more natural solution. Additional benefits include:

  • Comfortable treatment: Heated body detox is generally quite comfortable and calming for most patients.
  • Convenient appointment times: Even busy professionals can find time in their schedules to come in for a quick session.
  • Long-term results: You may experience long-term relief from your symptoms with regular treatments from our team.
  • Safe treatment: Heated body detox is safe for most individuals and poses minimal risk of complications.

How does heated body detox work?

Infrared heated body detox treatments at Body Werks include heated silicone wraps that are wrapped around the body and give off infrared heat energy. Used in addition to a device that controls the heat, the detox wraps can penetrate fat layers, improve metabolism, and relax the body. It is recommended that patients drink plenty of water prior to and after treatment in order to stay properly hydrated. At our Chicago, IL facility, our team will curate an appropriate treatment plan, which may include follow-up body detox procedures, depending on your desired results. We will also provide you with the necessary aftercare instructions to adhere to at home for an optimal outcome.

Heated body detox FAQs

How can I prepare for heated body detox?

Because body detox treatments involve infrared heat, we recommend patients drink plenty of water before going into their appointment. Please let us know if you have any health conditions that may interfere with treatment. Our team can provide further guidance according to your individual needs.

Why choose us for heated body detox?

Body Werks Chicago is proud to offer the latest tools and technologies in the industry. Our professionals have been providing patients with the ultimate detox experience for years. We're here to serve you in an environment that's safe, relaxing, and comforting.

How many calories will I burn from heated body detox?

It depends on the individual, their current weight, and the duration of their session. A one-hour session of heated body detox treatment can burn up to 4,000 calories at a time. During your consultation, we can provide you with a more accurate estimate of how many calories you can expect to burn.

Experience Your Best Results

If you are looking to detoxify your body with innovative treatment methods, our team at Body Werks Chicago is here to help with infrared heated body detox wraps. This optimal treatment option can help you achieve a slimmer figure and reduce aches and pains in some patients. Contact our Chicago, IL facility to learn more and to schedule an initial consultation.

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