Nonsurgical Butt Enhancement in Chicago, IL

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What is a Sculptra® Butt Lift?

Growing in popularity for men and women in America, butt augmentation can enhance the volume and shape of the buttocks. Patients can select from a variety of surgical alternatives that may help them achieve a shapelier appearance, but it requires recovery time and more expense. At Body Werks Chicago, our team proudly offers nonsurgical butt lifts in Chicago, IL. With Sculptra injections, we can give you fuller-looking buttocks without stitches or extensive recovery time. If you want to avoid surgery or you do not have sufficient body fat for a fat transfer, then we can help you attain a shapely figure with dermal filler injections. Please schedule an appointment with our Chicago, IL medical spa practice to start your treatment plan.

What to expect from Sculptra Butt Lift Treatments

For a rounder, fuller buttocks without surgery, Sculptra is a nonsurgical butt augmentation that can help patients who have a flat or saggy booty because of genetics, aging, or significant weight loss. At your consultation, we will discuss your options after listening to your concerns and develop a treatment plan.

During your appointment, we place the Sculptra injections with a thin needle. If needed, patients can receive a numbing cream to decrease discomfort. Until reaching your desired cosmetic goal, we administer multiple injections at several points on your butt to build even layers. Since the Sculptra butt lift is a nonsurgical procedure, you can return to your regular activities after your treatment. For a few days following your procedure, you might have some redness, swelling, or bruising in and near the injection sites, which should fade on its own. Sculptra injections promote collagen production in your skin so it can take several weeks or months to get your final results.

Nonsurgical butt enhancement FAQs

What about plastic surgery or implants?

When making this decision, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each. Many patients choose Sculptra injections because they feel it's safer than silicone implants. While implants are a popular solution for enhancing your bottom, injections are a very successful option that don't require going under the knife.

Will my results look natural?

When done correctly and by a trained professional, Sculptra results should look and feel very natural. Body Werks Chicago can review the details about what to expect during your initial appointment. Your outcomes may be affected by your skin elasticity and how well you follow recovery instructions.

What if I gain weight after treatment?

Ideal candidates for Sculptra injections are near their goal weight. Major weight gain or weight loss may compromise the results of your procedure. Patients who opt for butt enhancement can maintain their gorgeous new results through a healthy diet and exercise program.

Achieve a rounded butt with Sculptra injections

If you can't seem to get the shape you want through an indefinite amount of squats but still want to avoid surgery, please schedule an appointment with us to learn more about the Sculptra butt lift. As a nonsurgical option to butt augmentation with implants or a fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift), the Sculptra butt lift will improve your body's contours without stitches or recovery time. Please contact Body Werks Chicago in Chicago, IL to learn more about the Sculptra butt lift and other nonsurgical treatments.

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