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What is Sugar Waxing?

At Body Werks Chicago, we practice the process of sugar waxing. This treatment is based on the ancient body hair removal process called "sugaring" that Egyptians used thousands of years ago to beautify their skin. This natural process uses a warm sugar paste containing sugar, water, and citric acid to remove unwanted hair from the body — in fact, it's so natural, you could eat the solution, although we wouldn't recommend it. The benefit of sugar waxing, other than being natural, is that it is warmed to your body temperature so there is no risk of burning and less swelling. The paste is also water-soluble, meaning it sticks only to dead skin cells rather than live cells; this is important because it means that rather than making the skin red, swollen, and irritated by removing live cells from the skin, sugar waxing will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth! For more information on this incredible procedure, contact our Chicago, IL office today!

What are the benefits of sugar waxing?

Sugar waxing is a much more gentle process than other hair removal treatments, such as shaving or using depilatory creams. This is because sugar waxing removes dead skin cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. Patients experience less swelling, redness, and irritation after a sugar waxing treatment. In addition, there is no risk of burning or other side effects associated with other hair removal treatments. Our natural process leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Patients choose to work with Body Werks Chicago because we know how to properly execute sugar waxing for best results.

What Can I Expect from Sugar Waxing?

Your sugar waxing treatment will begin with one of our talented team members creating the sugar paste for your hair removal. The solution — a combination of water, sugar, and citric acid — is created, then warmed to body temperature. The paste is taken out of the pot and placed on your skin where the hair is to be removed. After the sugar paste, which looks like a honey solution, is applied to the skin, it will be pulled off and hair is removed. This process will be repeated until the session is complete. Because there is no re-dipping into the sugar pot, this is a more sanitary process than typical waxing. Even more, since the sugar content is so high, bacteria cannot grow in the pot, making it a safe hair-removal solution. Sugar waxing removes hair that is in the first phase of growth, the anagen phase. During this process, the bulb is also removed, which leads to less hair growth over time with repeat treatments (about 3 – 4). You should experience far less pain than a traditional waxing session, a relatively quick session of around 30 minutes, and wonderful results that leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Sugar waxing FAQs

Does sugar waxing hurt?

All forms of hair removal are somewhat uncomfortable, but Body Werks Chicago does everything possible to lessen your discomfort during treatment. With sugar waxing appointments, hair does tend to grow back thinner and lighter. This makes future sessions increasingly less painful.

How does sugar waxing compare to shaving?

Shaving is a less expensive and more convenient option, but it also causes razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and other skin irritations. The results are also temporary, which means you have to shave more often. With sugar waxing in Chicago, IL, you can achieve longer-lasting results with far fewer complications.

How long does sugar waxing take?

This depends on the amount of hair being removed, but it is typically far faster than other forms of hair removal. Most sugar waxing appointments can be performed during a lunch break. Patients love our quick and convenient sessions!

A Sugary Solution for Hair Removal

While necessary in some points of view, waxing is often a painful process that can take a lot of time and typically leaves your skin swollen, red, and irritated afterward. Sugar waxing, however, is a process that has been around for thousands of years and is not only more sanitary but involves far less pain and even exfoliates your skin in the process, leaving it soft and smooth. For more information on sugar waxing, contact Body Werks Chicago in Chicago, IL to schedule an appointment.

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